1689--【USACO】Calf Numbers

1689: 【USACO】Calf Numbers

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The calves are not so good at speaking. They use funny words for digits. For calves, the digits from zero to nine are spoken and written as:
       0 no      3 ci      6 xa      9 so
       1 pa      4 vo      7 ze
       2 re      5 mu      8 bi
Larger numbers are created by gluing together the names of the digits. For example, 123 is 'pareci'. A single space can be placed between the digits, so 123 can also be written as 'pa reci', 'pare ci' or even 'pa re ci'. Help the calves learn arithmetic. Write a program that reads in six numbers of no more than 15 calf digits and sums them. The output, of course, must be in the calf numbers.


Six lines, each with a calf number of no more than 15 digits


A single line with a single calf number that is the sum of the six input calf numbers. The output line contains no spaces.


输入  复制
pa papa civo xaze biso no
输出  复制