1617--【USACO】Cow Digit Game

1617: 【USACO】Cow Digit Game

时间限制: 1.000 Sec  内存限制: 64 MB
提交: 33  解决: 22
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Bessie is playing a number game against Farmer John, and she wants you to help her achieve victory. Game i starts with an integer N_i (1 <= N_i <= 1,000,000). Bessie goes first, and then the two players alternate turns. On each turn, a player can subtract either the largest digit or the smallest non-zero digit from the current number to obtain a new number. For example, from 3014 we may subtract either 1 or 4 to obtain either 3013 or 3010, respectively. The game continues until the number becomes 0, at which point the last player to have taken a turn is the winner. Bessie and FJ play G (1 <= G <= 100) games. Determine, for each game, whether Bessie or FJ will win, assuming that both play perfectly (that is, on each turn, if the current player has a move that will guarantee his or her win, he or she will take it). Consider a sample game where N_i = 13. Bessie goes first and takes 3, leaving 10. FJ is forced to take 1, leaving 9. Bessie takes the remainder and wins the game.


* Line 1: A single integer: G * Lines 2..G+1: Line i+1 contains the single integer: N_i


* Lines 1..G: Line i contains "YES" if Bessie can win game i, and "NO" otherwise.


输入  复制
2 9 10
输出  复制


OUTPUT DETAILS: For the first game, Bessie simply takes the number 9 and wins. For the second game, Bessie must take 1 (since she cannot take 0), and then FJ can win by taking 9.